This is just a brief list of the types of plastics you find in America. They are normally noted by a number on the bottom of the container, but are also usually accompanied by an acronym. The meanings of these plastic acronyms are listed below.

PETE - Polyethylene Terephthalate (#1 plastic)
HDPE - High-Density Polyethylene (#2 plastic)
PV - Polyvinyl Chloride (#3 plastic, also called PVC)
LDPE - Low-Density Polyethylene (#4 plastic)
PP - Polypropylene (#5 plastic)
PS - Polystyrene (#6 plastic)

Number 7 polycarbonate plastics are classified as "Other," so they have no acronym. But just so you know, #7 plastics, like Lexan, are toxic.

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