I read The Daily Reckoning almost every day, and I love the Mogambo Guru's weekly column in which he uses all kinds of ridiculous acronyms and abbreviations. This page is probably less useful than it is humorous, especially if you read the DR.

APOTM - Awesome Powers Of The Mogambo
ATWTFH - All The Way Through Freaking History
BBME - Big Blue Mogambo Eyes
BMI - Brilliant Mogambo Insight
BMLIE - Big Mogambo Lesson In Economics
BMN - Big Mogambo News
BTBO - Bite The Big One
BTOPILAB - Bernanke Theory Of Permanent Inflation Lifting All Boats
BWP - Big Windfall Payday
GOC - Glob Of Crap
GWMOE - Great Washing Machine Of Economics
HSTMOMDA - Highly Scientific Mogambo Method Of Data Analysis
MAOE - Mogambo Axiom Of Economics
MC - Mogambo Charity
MEM - Mogambo Educator Mortarboard
MHM - Mogambo Hollywood Modes
MLIML - Mogambo Lesson In Market Lore
MLIN - Mogambo Lesson In Nature
MM - Moronic Mogambo
MME - Mighty Mogambo Effort
MME - Magical Multiplying Effect
MMM - Mogambo Mathematical Moments
MMOETDVCSE - Mogambo Method Of Enhancing The Da Vinci Code Search Engine
MMRH-ME - Mighty Mogambo Real He-Man Effort
MMW - Mighty Mogambo Willpower
MPBTOMM - Mogambo Powers Beyond Those Of Mortal Men
MSC - Mogambo Sneering Contempt
MSDS - Mogambo Self-Defense System
MTM - Mogambo Translating Machine
MVC - Mogambo Vital Clue
PMPM - Pure Mogambo Panic Mode
PMT - Precious Mogambo Time
PSMSA - Patented Snotty Mogambo Smug Arrogance
RIYH - Rocks In Your Head
SMV - Secret Mogambo Vision
TLOTTMTMGOOHFMIF - The List Of Things That Make The Mogambo Go Out Of His Freaking Mind In Fear
TMMOE - The Mogambo Moment Of Enlightenment
TMS - The Mogambo Sweatshop
TPM - The Poor Mogambo
WOTM - The Way Of The Mogambo