Please browse our alphabetized list of Internet acronyms. If you don't find the acronym you're looking for, you may want to try searching Google by typing in the acronym plus "stands for." So, for instance, if you wanted to know the meaning of XML, you'd type in "XML stands for." This simple phrasing has turned up many hard to find acronyms that are now categorized on this web site.

ADT - Average Daily Traffic
AOL - America Online
ASP - Active Server Page (web scripting language)
BB - Bulletin Board
BCC - Blind Carbon Copy
BCF - Bike Chat Forums (an online forum for discussion about motorcycles)
BLOG - short for "Web Log"
bps - Bits Per Second
Bps - Bytes Per Second
BSD - Berkeley Software Distribution
CC - Carbon Copy
CGI - Common Gateway Interface (web scripting facility)
CPC - Cost Per Click
CSS - Cascading Style Sheet
DMOZ - Directory Mozilla
DNSBL - Domain Name Service Black List
DSL - Digital Subscriber Line
FFA - Free For All
FTP - File Transfer Protocol
Gbps - Gigabit Per Second
GBps - Gigabyte Per Second
HTML - Hyper Text Mark-up Language
HTTP - Hyper Text Transfer Protocol
ICANN - Internet Corporation For Assigned Names and Numbers
IP - Internet Protocol
ISP - Internet Service Provider
Kbps - Kilobit Per Second
KBps - Kilobyte Per Second
Mbps - Megabit Per Second
MBps - Megabyte Per Second
Modem - MODulator-DEModulator
MSN - Microsoft Network
ODP - Open Directory Project
P2P - Peer to Peer (as in music file sharing systems like KaZaA)
PHP - Personal Home Page (original name for PHP scripting language)
PLR - Private Label Rights
PMB - Private Message Board
POP3 - Post Office Protocol, Version 3
PPC - Pay Per Click (a search engine advertising model)
RSS - Really Simple Syndication (for RSS 0.9x)OR RDF Site Summary (for RSS 1.0)
SEO - Search Engine Optimization
SMTP - Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
SSL - Secure Sockets Layer
TLD - Top-Level Domain
UCE - Unsolicited Commercial Email
URL - Uniform Resource Locator (web address)
VRE - Virtual Real Estate
W3 - WWW (World Wide Web)
Wi-Fi - Wireless Fidelity
WWW - World Wide Web
WYSIWYG - What You See Is What You Get
XFN - XHTML Friends Network (see
XML - eXtensible Markup Language