Please browse our alphabetized list of geography acronyms. As you can see, we need a lot of help with this list. If you have suggestions, we'd be grateful for them. Send your geography acronyms to our email address and we'll promptly add them to the list. (Note: state abbreviations are here.)

ANWR - Arctic National Wildlife Refuge
BC - British Columbia
DC - District of Columbia
DIA - Denver International Airport
DFW - Dallas/Fort Worth
GPS - Global Positioning System
LA - Los Angeles
LAX - Los Angeles International Airport
LODO - Lower Downtown (an historic section of Denver)
NCOA - National Change Of Address
NMSZ - New Madrid Seismic Zone (in Missouri)
NOLA - New Orleans, Louisiana
NYC - New York City
TOPO - Topographical Map
USGS - United States Geological Survey
USSR - Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
ZIP - Zone Improvement Plan